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Entry #4


2008-05-24 12:40:53 by LuisAceituno

Okay, Kill It got a little delayed, but school hasn't given me much spare time. Right now Leavoy is working on it.
Since a friend came over my house we started a pointles animation just to spend the time, but I decided to finish it and post it here and see what people thought about it, and here it is. Hope you like it, and please rate :D!
That's it for now I guess, my summer break begins in june, so I'll be able to work on more stuff then



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2008-05-24 14:30:47

LOL your friends animation made me laugh!

LuisAceituno responds:

lol, it's pretty stupid I know xD
concerning who made it, just wanted to point out i was the one to animate and draw everything :P.. my friend helped with the ideas :O
thanks for your comment! :]


2008-05-26 20:30:32

It was partly just to see if it would work,
plus im 12 so, ill be there eventualy...