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New game soon :D

2008-01-05 18:02:54 by LuisAceituno

I'm only writing this cause I don't like the ad they put in my site if there's nothing there, but I've been working on a game with Leavoy, he's finishing it and hopefully we'll have it up soon.
It probably won't be great but it's a good start! :D


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2008-01-14 22:07:10

Won't be great? What's with that attitude! Lol, jk.

I think it might do alright though. Won't be on top 50 by far, and probably won't get higher than say 3.2 out of 5, but lets hope it does that good.

Depends how people take it though, I almost feel like it's going to be lacking something. Ahh well, maybe it even gets blammed off! Big deal? We'll work on it more!

LuisAceituno responds:

of course we will! lol