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2008-05-24 12:40:53 by LuisAceituno

Okay, Kill It got a little delayed, but school hasn't given me much spare time. Right now Leavoy is working on it.
Since a friend came over my house we started a pointles animation just to spend the time, but I decided to finish it and post it here and see what people thought about it, and here it is. Hope you like it, and please rate :D!
That's it for now I guess, my summer break begins in june, so I'll be able to work on more stuff then


New Game to be released!

2008-03-26 20:33:32 by LuisAceituno

Hey, Leavoy and I have been working on a new game called Kill it, which we hope will be released this weekend. It will be about fighting monsters and will also have a multiplayer mode and more stuff! be sure to check it out once we release it!
Visit our website for further info and galleries of all our games, movies and more!

New game "Time Attack"

2008-02-01 20:32:47 by LuisAceituno

Leavoy and I just released a new game called "Time Attack".
It's a timed shooter where you've got to be quick to get a good score. it's also got a highscores table and 3 awesome music tracks for you to enjoy! :)

New game soon :D

2008-01-05 18:02:54 by LuisAceituno

I'm only writing this cause I don't like the ad they put in my site if there's nothing there, but I've been working on a game with Leavoy, he's finishing it and hopefully we'll have it up soon.
It probably won't be great but it's a good start! :D